Termites are these small, wood-eating insects that can cause substantial damage to wooden structures and furniture. Our termite treatment involves using Sentricon® system that’s powerfully proven to wipe out house-hungry termites and future generations. The specific termite treatment method will depend on the type and severity of the termite infestation.

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As a trusted termite treatment provider, we use the most effective methods to eliminate termites from your property. Our treatments are safe, non-toxic, and long-lasting, ensuring that your home or business is protected from these destructive pests for years to come.

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Termite Control: Flying Ants or Swarmers?

Distinguishing between flying ants and termite swarmers can be tricky as they look quite similar. Briefly, flying ants have a narrow waist and bent antennae, while termite swarmers have a straight waist and straight antennae.

But no worries here. American Southern Exterminating doesn’t just treat homes; we target and eliminate termite colonies. Our approach is thorough and harmless to humans and pets to safeguard your home. Plus, we can spot termite infestations without unnecessary damage to your walls, potentially saving you thousands in repairs.

With us, there are no shortcuts. We do it right the first time, ensuring your home is protected with the most comprehensive and advanced methods available. With qualifying service plan. So, let’s tackle these termites together!

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Insightful Tips: How To Spot a Termite Infestation?

Termite Solution

•Swarming Insects: Spot reproductive termites with wings either inside or outside your home.

•Moisture: Address moisture problems that can attract termites.

•Holes in Wood: Keep an eye out for small holes indicating termite damage to wood.

•Sagging Structures: Identify sagging doors or floors as a potential sign of an infestation.

•Crumbling Drywall: Check for weakened and crumbling drywall in your home

•Mulch or Firewood: Be cautious of termite presence near mulch or firewood stacked against your home.

Infestations Nearby: Stay alert if your neighbors have reported termite issues.



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